Empowering and inspiring
foster children and at-risk youth

Our Programs

Over 1,200 foster children currently live in the Portland metro area. None of these kids have regular access to extracurricular activities. Color Outside the Lines aims to offer foster children an integrative experience with trained art therapists and caring mentors, in a nurturing and inspiring environment. COLO works with the Department of Human Services foster care program (DHS) to connect with foster children and families. We also serve the youth involved with Friends of the Children, (http://www.friendsofthechildren.org/), and CASA (www.casaforchildren.org/) to offer the at-risk youth that those wonderful organizations serve, free art therapy classes and opportunities as well.

Beyond working exclusively with children, we also host fun events with foster children and their birth families. This time is focused on giving the families a safe and fun space to creatively create together, while working to heal and bond after potentially traumatic times in the past. This is a great time for parents to reconnect with their children while having a creative focus.

Color Outside the Lines staff and team is comprised of a Creative director, Development director, three trained art therapists, and a six person Board of Directors. Along side this, many wonderful community contributors as well as family time coordinators with the Department of Family Services. The team of people behind COLO is devoted to creating a program that gives more meaning and color to the lives of hundreds of children in the Portland metro area.