Empowering and inspiring
foster children and at-risk youth

Murals Project

Color Outside the Lines believes in the power of collaborative public art projects to help to unify, beautify and heal communities. These murals are something that underprivileged and marginalized youth, work alongside artists, and local community members to build something that is a colorful symbol of breaking down socio and economic walls within communities. These projects teach youth about the process of large-scale artistic installations and the value of caring for their neighborhoods. By having the mural be created with a paint-by-number style, the wall is completed by looking like it was carefully created fully by a professional mural artist and is left for the community to admire and enjoy.  

The neighborhoods themselves gain much more than a beautiful piece of artwork to share with the community; but also are able to embrace the sentiment that all people, despite ethnic and economic backgrounds can work together to create something beautiful and meaningful. 
The first couple photos are from the collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, which was part of findyourwords.org, a campaign to help youth fight the stigma of depression and anxiety.  
The second couple murals are photos from recent neighborhood beautification projects in which the youth collaborated in creating the piece with the artists.
The last couple photos is the mural project in San Francisco in collaboration with artist duo Debuti (www.debuti.art), which can be seen on the corner of Mission and 6th in San Francisco.