Art Activities

Stuck and Need Some Art Inspiration?

The Metropolitan Art Museum has allowed a collection of famous art pieces to be distributed online. This is a great option if you would like to get inspired by a wide range of old art or- if you want to print and cut out the paintings, that’s cool too!

Art Journaling

Start by collecting things from outside or inside (maybe a leaf or a clip of a magazine). Next, save them for the collection reflection! How do the objects make you feel? Do they remind you of a memory that you would like to reflect on? Feel free to color, draw, write, or paint about it in your journal, just remember to tape or glue your object in the journal for reference.

Tree of Strength

Start drawing a tree from its trunk and working your way up to its branches, when you start the leaves make big enough to write a word in! The words will be people or activities that give you strength. For example, art, sports, friendship, dance, those are all great options to write on your Tree of Strength. The last step is to ask an adult if you can hang it up, this way you can look at it whenever you need a little reminder that these are all options for you.

Comic Super Hero Reflection

Start by grabbing a piece of paper and with a pencil dividing it by lines into four boxes. Next, think about who inspires you? This person could be your favorite author, sports player, a teacher, or really any adult that you think deserves a superhero comic made after them. After you decided who you would like to be the star of your comic think of an amazing costume to give them! Should they wear a cape? Should they be underwater saving fish? Are they out in the garden planting vegetables? Draw, write, and color their activity of choice in the four boxes! Voila! You have your superhero comic!

Crayon Verses Watercolor or Markers

Did you know that waterbased paints are resistant to crayons? Start by drawing some shapes with the crayons of your choice- then color over them with markers or paint! What happens? How do they “stick out”- next try writing secret messages with the white crayon. What other “experiments” can you do with the crayon versus waterbased art supplies can you do? 

Recycled Animal Habitat

Ask an adult if you can use clean recycled cardboard, washed-out yogurt cups, and any other safe recycled material. Gathering and cleaning the materials is the first part of the activity! Next, decide what animal you want to make a habitat (home) for! Then do some research on what that animal’s habitat looks like. Is it underwater? On land? In the trees? Underground? Shape your “found objects”- recycled material to fit the habitat by coloring, gluing, taping, and shaping it together. The last step is to create the animal and find a happy spot for it to sit (or stand) in the habitat!