Mural Project

Color Outside the Line’s mural project is an urban art installation, designed and created by a local Portland artist, and painted in collaboration with foster at at-risk youth.

We work with the city and local businesses to find a prime locations for these mural projects. The murals are something the children, artists, and local community can take pride in creating and admiring. The mural creation process builds confidence in the children’s self-esteem, while involving them in a remarkable piece of community art. These projects will teach them about the process of large-scale artistic installations and the value of caring for their neighborhoods.

Here are a couple example of recent murals that Color Outside the Lines completed, both with the renowned local artists Rather Severe –


This project was made possible by the Regional Arts and Culture Counsel, along side other wonderful community members that made it happen. This project was designed by the amazing local artists Rather Severe. Not only did this project involve a three day painting production with 2 artists, 35 kids, 30 volunteers, and 10 staff members, but it also will be on public display for thousands of Portland residents to view.

The great part of this project, was that it happened alongside a three part workshop series with the foster kids about how to create large scale artwork. We did this at our space on NE Glisan in Portland, as well as a session outside in a park, where the kids got to see some of their creations come to life. The kids left excited and inspired about seeing themselves as the artist and designer in the future for a piece of art that all people in the city can enjoy.




This mural was done in collaboration with Branded Arts, a mural based art organization from LA, and a campaign called This campaign was aimed at helping young people to fight the stigma of depression and anxiety, and is located in a very central corner of NE Portland on NE MLK and Wiedler.
This mural was also done in collaboration with the Grammy winning artist, Kendrick Lamar, who wrote the powerful words for the mural, Give Yourself Time. Over 20 youth that Color Outside the Lines serve were the primary creators of this masterpiece, alongside the artists Rather Severe.



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